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We offer a very wide and diversified range of bathroom furniture
and bathroom furniture accessories, at very advantageous prices.!


GoodMob - bathroom furniture manufacturer

SC Goodmob Distribution SRL was founded in 2010, specializing in the production of bathroom furniture as standard , but also in the production of bathroom furniture to order..

Although we are a relatively young company, we have imposed ourselves on the profile market, due to the furniture products with an exclusive design and through the use of innovative materials used in the production of bathroom furniture.
Our team, made up of professionals in the field of furniture design and production, which has been active in this field for many years, quickly raised the name of the company among the top furniture manufacturers, the results of our work being appreciated by most of the profile shops, which They have chosen to market our products nationally, our models being found in the Dedeman network.

About GoodMob bathroom furniture

Like any other bathroom furniture manufacturer, GoodMob Distribution has created its own range of bathroom furniture models, which we have grouped into two large collections: Avangarde Series and Classic Series, each having sub-frames depending on the materials used in the composition of bathroom furniture, but also according to their colors and dimensions.

The collections of bathroom furniture we propose are different in terms of design, but all share in common quality, approach with great attention to detail, without losing sight of the practical aspect of bathroom furniture. In each collection of furniture you can choose different sizes, materials, colors and bathroom accessories.